The Dangerously Fit power bag is an amazing tool that can help anyone to get in the best shape of their life. It’s hard work, but it will be worth every minute! These power bags are unlike any other fitness equipment because they never stop giving you a different challenge and thus make workouts more fun than ever before. The Overhead Lunge is one of these movements; so hop on your nearest bag for a great new workout with us today!

Imagine feeling powerful and lean, all while being able to accomplish the most satisfying movements. This is what you will feel after mastering Dangerously Fit power bag’s Overhead Lunge exercise!

Let me tell you about one of my favorite Dangerously Fit power bag exercises. The Overhead Lunge is a combination movement with the benefits of an overhead lunge and split squat combined into one! This exercise not only hits your legs but also gets in some core work too because it requires balance.

The best part? You can do this anywhere, since all you need are two power bags (and really just space!).

The Overhead Squat is a functional movement that has recently regained popularity due to its effectiveness in the gym. The squat served as an Olympic weightlifting exercise for many years, but had fallen out of favor with most gyms until recent decades when it was re-introduced by fitness enthusiasts who were interested in improving their body’s functionality and overall strength.

For decades the Overhead Squat was really only performed by athletes who competed in Olympic lifting. To see such a lift being executed would be very strange, as it is not usually seen on gym equipment. However, with functional training becoming more popular around 1999-2000 and reemerging exercises like this one regaining their popularity among fitness enthusiasts everywhere; there has been some resurgence of interest from athletes to use these types of movements for sports performance purposes.

For many years the overhead squat had fallen out of favor due mainly to lackadaisical exercise habits that developed during an era when bodybuilding became too much about isolation moves rather than compound lifts which improved metabolism and athletic ability simultaneously–a philosophy championed at Crossfit gyms across America. Check out for some great sandbag exercise videos!

In the last few years, many once-obscure exercises have resurfaced with a new popularity. One of these is the Overhead Squat – an exercise that was thought to be only for Olympic lifters before this time period. Now it’s used in bag training because it primarily targets your quadriceps and posterior chain while also boosting explosiveness, stability, mobility and core strength!

For decades now we’ve seen squats as being just about quads; but today there are myriad other benefits from them including explosive power development through hamstrings/adductors work (especially useful for those who play field sports), increased muscle activation in glutes & calves due to lower emphasis on spinal erector muscles which can lead to better posture.