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Best Leg Battle Rope Workout

Wherever you look these days, functional training is all the rage. Whether it’s in your local gym or on social media for fitness goals-you can bet that battle ropes and kettlebells will be there too!

Battle ropes, along with kettle bells are all the rage at gyms across Australia right now. Battle rope workouts have been gaining popularity because they encourage full-body tension and work different muscle groups than traditional strength training does – something that’s become increasingly important as humans grow more fragile over time due to our increased sedentary lifestyles

Battle ropes are a fantastic way to engage your core and upper body while also providing lower-body benefits. These six movements can be used as an all around conditioning tool that will have you feeling stronger than ever before!

Battle Ropes are the newest craze in functional training, especially for athletes. If you want to take your fitness level up a notch and get into battle rope training right away- this guide will help teach all about them! You’ll learn what they’re good at conditioning muscles with extreme strength exercises while also providing some tips on how best use these tools when performing WAVES motions (or any other type).

Battle ropes are one of the most intense and challenging types in functional training. If you’re looking to take your game up a notch, this guide on how battle rope work will help get ready for what’s coming next! With extreme conditioning as well as strengthening muscles that can’t be reached by other means–battle roping offers an unparalleled workout experience while still being fun enough so not feel like fitness duty or chore.

Trainees who want to get the most out of their battle rope workouts will need some guidance on how they should be programing them.

Battle ropes are a great way to get your blood flowing and stay active, but without the right guidance they can be difficult – even dangerous-to use.

There’s a new way to work your arms and shoulders! Battle ropes are perfect for building upper body strength. They’re like climbing ropes, but instead of being limited by height they have handles that you hold onto with both hands while swinging it back and forth in order reach different heights – think about what this would do if combined with other fitness activities such as pushups or pull ups.

Battle ropes are an excellent tool for increasing upper body endurance. They allow you to train your grip, arm and shoulder muscles in ways that were previously impossible with just a standard set of ladder or rocks climbing gear!


The Overhead Power Bag Squat For Ultimate Functional Strength

The Dangerously Fit power bag is an amazing tool that can help anyone to get in the best shape of their life. It’s hard work, but it will be worth every minute! These power bags are unlike any other fitness equipment because they never stop giving you a different challenge and thus make workouts more fun than ever before. The Overhead Lunge is one of these movements; so hop on your nearest bag for a great new workout with us today!

Imagine feeling powerful and lean, all while being able to accomplish the most satisfying movements. This is what you will feel after mastering Dangerously Fit power bag’s Overhead Lunge exercise!

Let me tell you about one of my favorite Dangerously Fit power bag exercises. The Overhead Lunge is a combination movement with the benefits of an overhead lunge and split squat combined into one! This exercise not only hits your legs but also gets in some core work too because it requires balance.

The best part? You can do this anywhere, since all you need are two power bags (and really just space!).

The Overhead Squat is a functional movement that has recently regained popularity due to its effectiveness in the gym. The squat served as an Olympic weightlifting exercise for many years, but had fallen out of favor with most gyms until recent decades when it was re-introduced by fitness enthusiasts who were interested in improving their body’s functionality and overall strength.

For decades the Overhead Squat was really only performed by athletes who competed in Olympic lifting. To see such a lift being executed would be very strange, as it is not usually seen on gym equipment. However, with functional training becoming more popular around 1999-2000 and reemerging exercises like this one regaining their popularity among fitness enthusiasts everywhere; there has been some resurgence of interest from athletes to use these types of movements for sports performance purposes.

For many years the overhead squat had fallen out of favor due mainly to lackadaisical exercise habits that developed during an era when bodybuilding became too much about isolation moves rather than compound lifts which improved metabolism and athletic ability simultaneously–a philosophy championed at Crossfit gyms across America. Check out for some great sandbag exercise videos!

In the last few years, many once-obscure exercises have resurfaced with a new popularity. One of these is the Overhead Squat – an exercise that was thought to be only for Olympic lifters before this time period. Now it’s used in bag training because it primarily targets your quadriceps and posterior chain while also boosting explosiveness, stability, mobility and core strength!

For decades now we’ve seen squats as being just about quads; but today there are myriad other benefits from them including explosive power development through hamstrings/adductors work (especially useful for those who play field sports), increased muscle activation in glutes & calves due to lower emphasis on spinal erector muscles which can lead to better posture.

Train With A Bulgarian Bag To Lose Fat

If you want to lose fat, you should try Bulgarian bag training.

Not only are Bulgarian bags easy to transport, highly versatile… but they’re heaps of fun too!

If you’re not sure how to get started training with Bulgarian bags, I highly recommend you enrol in a course.

Inside Bulgarian Bag Mastery you’ll discover 200+ minutes of very high quality follow videos, an excellent learner manual and online support.

Bang for buck this is the best course I’ve done and has helped me with my training no-end.

I particularly like the way the Bulgarian bag spin was broken down and demonstrated in  a clear concise manner.

Bulgarian bags are excellent for helping you to lose fat because they are metabolically demanding.

This basically means that you’ll work many muscles at once, elevate your heart rate and burn a heap of calories.





Power Bag Training For Fast Loss

Training with power bags is better than Dieting!

You probably already know that when you want to lose weight you need to do power bag workouts as well as watch your diet.

However, if it comes down to doing one or the other, your choice should swing more to using a power bag. Just dieting is not going to give you the flexibility, strength and muscle that you require.

Whereas if you give your body proper workouts under the guidance of your personal trainer, even eating normal healthy food will give you results.

On Dieting

Starting any type of diet to complement your power bag exercises can be a stressful experience. After years of eating the type of food you enjoy, to suddenly make drastic cuts in type and quantity just to shed pounds and get into shape, is not such a welcome idea.

Also with ‘good health’ being the present mantra, as compared to earlier generations, you probably already have a sensible approach to food and do not indulge in items which can add calories and create problems in the body.

So when you decide to go in for a slim, trim and healthy figure you should realise that just going on a particular diet is not going to work and instead opt to train with your power bag.

What your body requires is the benefit of exercising for mental, physical and emotional balance. Studies have proved that regular exercise has a long-term effect such as controlling weight, making you stronger, lessening body fat, and many other benefits. Only dieting might help you to just lose a few pounds.

On Using a Power Bag

When you join your local gym, what you get is the required personal attention.

Your personal trainer will initially assess your abilities and take into account the goal you have in mind.

Once such an assessment is made the trainer will work out a program to suit your special needs.

At every stage of the workout your outdoor fitness trainer will check on how your body is reacting, such as are you feeling too tired or sore, and if so make adjustments as required.

It is the personal trainer’s job to motivate you. Staying motivated to reach your goal is of prime importance and a good trainer will have the skill and knowledge to provide this.

As mentioned earlier a good trainer will also be able to tailor your power bag training program around your present lifestyle enabling you to keep a happy balance.

Along with your exercise routine a personal trainer will be able to give you guidelines on the type of diet you should follow during the program.

However since nutrition is not in the realm of all trainers’ expertise, besides taking into account the trainer’s advice, you should also consult a professional in the field of nutrition.


So if it comes down to a choice of losing weight, either by just dieting or hiring joining a power bag program, for sure the latter will be more effective in helping you to reach your goal. Using the services of a personal trainer is like an ultimate investment when it comes to personal fitness.

Bulgarian Bag Instructors Tips For Keeping The Weight Off

If you are planning to go on a vacation during your workout break, always seek advice from Bulgarian Bag Instructors Bay on how to watch your weight even while enjoying yourself.

Select locations that are especially renowned for offering excellent outdoor activities such as water sports, biking or hiking trails, tennis, golf, kayaking, jogging and so on. Such locations really offer you the best of both worlds! You can enjoy your vacation while at the same time participate in activities that provide your body with an excellent workout. you can find some excellent free workouts on:

bulgarian hydro bag

A Water Bulgarian bag is the fastest way to shape up!

Food can be a huge issue during vacation time as few restaurants offer options for weight watchers. Never mind; you can certainly control fat gain by controlling portions and selecting to eat just what you want. Opt for fresh fruits and whole grains, limit intake of crème and desert and select healthy snacks. If possible, carry your own protein bar and stock of dried fruits and nuts to munch on instead of burgers and fried food. Take the water Bulgarian bag with you on holiday, it folds up into 950g and can fit into your bag.

While at the Office 
The office is another place where you are susceptible to weight gain, especially when you have taken a sabbatical from regular training. If you are sitting at your desk throughout the day, chances are you are just piling on the kilos slowly but surely. Start your day with a healthy wholesome breakfast so that you don’t succumb to mid-morning hunger pangs later in the day. Carry fruits or healthy snacks in case you do need to eat something. Follow the diet plan provided by fitness trainers and carry the low fat home cooked food for lunch.

Use every opportunity to exercise your muscles. Climb stairs instead of depending on the elevator and walk around the office every hour or so to get some movement.

Stay Fit & Healthy With CrossFit Training

You may be thin, but that doesn’t necessary mean that you are fit and healthy. Healthy is often referred to someone who has a good diet, exercises a lot and has a sharp mind. The reason for a thin body is often attributed to the genetics, so your body might be unhealthy and you won’t see the signs. However, other than your body weight there are other ways to judge if you have a healthy body, like joining a CrossFit gym.

Heart rate is around 70 bpm

The first thing to measure is your resting heart rate, it should be around 70 beats per minute or less, a clear indicator of a normal heart rate. If the number is higher, then you should consider cardiovascular training as a way to regulate you heart and make it stronger and increase its efficiency.

Exercise to Stay Healthy
Nails show a firm pinkness
. Nails that show a pink colour are a sign of good health, your nails do give hints about your health. Pink, strong and hard nails with a smooth surface are the best things a person should have. If you see white spots on your nails, or a few ripples or some other noticeable defects, then you should contact a doctor. Yellow nails are a sign that you may have a respiratory disease, so you should see a doctor.

Perform pushups
One way to test if you are healthy is to check how well you can do on performing a couple of Crossfit workouts. Some health experts say that a healthy person can perform at least 20 push ups consecutively and with proper form. If you can do a couple of push ups regularly without feeling tired, then you are in good health. If you can’t, it is obvious you lack strength and should follow some training exercises to improve yourself.

Physical exercise
CrossFit is any bodily activity that enhances or maintains physical fitness and overall health and wellness. It is performed for various reasons including strengthening muscles and the cardiovascular system, honing athletic skills, weight loss or maintenance, as well as for the purpose of enjoyment.

Running a mile

One mile runs are usually to get into shape, but they can also be a good way to test if you are in shape. This type of cardiovascular exercise is easy for a person is shape, but if you find it difficult to run the full one mile, then you are below healthy fitness level. After you finish running, your muscles shouldn’t ache as much and you should have a low heart rate. You can find a heart rate chart on the Gym website.

Wake up refreshed

How you greet the morning is indicative of your health, if you are well rested and refreshed , then you are in good health and can probably wake up around the same time. Tiredness and lack of proper sleep is a sign that your may be at risk of a stroke, heart disease or obesity. The body has an internal rhythm that functions in a way so people wake up at a set time. If you need the timer to wake up, then your erratic sleep patterns are bad for your health. You won’t be able to perform well throughout the day.

Quick wound healing

When you get hurt accidentally, you notice that your wound heals in a certain time frame. The longer it takes for the cuts or burns to heal, then it is a sign that there is something wrong with your body and you should see a doctor.

Cardiovascular Tips to Help You Perform Better with your Boot Camp Bondi Workout

Increase Cardiovascular Fitness with a Boot CampBondi Workout

Your cardiovascular health relies on the dependable and free blood circulation. Your heart has to be healthy to begin with. Which means you should work out that muscle through aerobic exercise. For a lot of people, being determined to do this crucial step is no easy task. This is where the fitness boot camp is needed. If you need to spice up your cardio exercise, a fitness boot camp will help place you to the green zone. With built-in support and motivation, it becomes a great place to start. Your physician has to be aware of any exercise ideas you might have. On the other hand, any one in good health makes good aspirants for a boot camp.

If you have been planning on becoming a member of a boot camp Bondi training session or else you currently have made the decision and perhaps already have performed several classes at this moment, you probably understand perfectly that your cardio capacities shall be put to the test.

The boot camp Bondi workout will be the best way to increase your metabolism, improve your cardio level of fitness, and notice quicker overall weight loss success if you are able to keep track of it and provide an optimum effort with every workout you are doing.

However, if you have difficulty in each boot camp Bondi program,then you are not making the most of your progress.

One thing that you ought to be doing is ensuring that you implement interval training regularly. Interval training is the greatest form of cardio to perform since it is likely to mimic the kind of activity you will do on your boot camp training.

Visit Boot Camp Bondi to Improve your Cardio Fitness

After that, think of getting your cardio exercises away from the equipments entirely. Instead of doing every single workout on the treadmill, bike or elliptical, execute your cardio with a set of burpees, jump lunges, plyometric movements and mountain climbers.

Lastly, ensure that you think of reducing your rest times in between sets when you are performing cardio exercises. Since the boot camp Bondi sessions you are doing includes a lot of strength based movements, it is essential that you can carry on with these without suffering from high levels of fatigue.

Hence, start including these cardio tips in your own workout training and you will be totally ready for whatever your boot camp Bondi throws at you.

You need determination to have long-term results. You have to have fun with the experience and not dread it. A fitness boot camp offers you an enjoyable time while exercising your body in ways you never imagined. A lot of people notice parts injuring them didn’t know they had. Due to this comes responsibility. You are anticipated a place by someone. This solely gives individuals some motivation. Your group needs your help and support. With the enjoyment, you created the best challenging regimen.

Joining a boot camp Bondi is a reason in making significant life changes. No workout plan is done without having both nutrition and exercise addressed. Your personal trainer can provide you with solid tips on what foods work and those that don’t. These changes go together with the work out you take on. Both combine to provide you with a confidence boost that most people never encounter. You will notice exercise becomes simpler and easier. Your overall health will enhance significantly as you get in shape. Sign up now.

The Wrong Reasons to Hire a Personal Trainer

Regular exercise is a must in order to lead a healthy, disease free life. An active lifestyle keeps you away from diseases like diabetes, obesity, hypertension, high blood pressure and heart disorders. Nowadays people are becoming more aware of the benefits of exercising. Fitness is a booming industry these days. Lots of fitness boot camps are springing up everywhere. People are hiring personal trainers to help them in their fitness goals. Hiring a personal trainer Coogee has become more of a necessity than a luxury.

Personal trainers can assist you in achieving your weight loss goals. A personal trainer Coogee will analyze your existing fitness levels. He will make diet modifications and will design a workout routine. He will set reasonable goals. Your progress will be constantly monitored and the intensities of the workouts will be increased accordingly.


Hiring a personal trainer Coogee can definitely help you provided it is for the right reasons. You could be wasting money if hiring a trainer for the wrong reasons. Here are some reasons not to hire a trainer.

Financial commitment

Most people hire trainers as they believe that they will be more committed to the exercise as they are shelling out money for it. People feel that they will be more consistent as they do not want to lose money. Physical fitness calls for a certain level of commitment. Just because you are paying for a personal trainer Coogee or boot camps in Coogee doesn’t make you committed. You will still find excuses to miss your sessions.

Source of motivation

Never hire a personal trainer Coogee in the hope that he will motivate you to exercise. Trainers do inspire you and they do help in pushing you to levels which were earlier considered impossible. In the presence of a trainer you may work out harder than by yourself. Trainers can guide you with the right exercises for your body. But personal trainers are not motivational speakers. Only you can motivate yourself. It is better to adopt a healthy lifestyle change yourself than rely on someone else.

Faster results

Most people hire personal trainers thinking that they can help in faster weight loss. Personal trainers do not have a magic potion to help you lose weight. The only way to lose weight fast is to workout harder. Cardio workouts like running or aerobics help in burning fat. Strength or resistance training helps in converting fat into muscle. You have to do a healthy mix of both cardio and strength training if you want to lose weight.

A personal trainer Coogee can assist you with the right form and technique of various exercises. He will also ensure that you do proper warming up and cooling down stretches before and after the workouts. This is necessary to avoid any injuries, muscle pains and body aches. For weight loss, it is essential to watch your diet. A personal trainer will advise you about eating smart and healthy. He will make modifications in your existing diet plan. He will tell you about the various food which help in burning calories.

Impulse decision

Do not hire personal trainers just because your local gym is offering you a discount or a special package deal. If you have been thinking of hiring a personal trainer Coogee and a good deal comes your way, it is okay to jump on it. But hiring a trainer only because it was a good deal is one of the worst reasons to hire a personal trainer.

Most people especially beginners are clueless about working out in gyms. They get intimidated by the gym equipment and are scared to use them. It is good idea to hire a personal trainer to get you used to the whole concept of working out in gyms. He can help you to overcome your fears and will show you the right way of handling the equipment.

A personal trainer Coogee will educate you about the various exercises and why they should be done. You should take this opportunity to absorb as much information as you can. Learn from trainers so that you do not have to rely on them forever. Let your trainer’s expertise and knowledge help you to coach yourself in future.

Personal trainers are in huge demand these days due to the increasing health awareness among people. Take time in hiring a well experienced and reputed personal trainer Coogee so that you can reap maximum benefits from him during your course.

Exercise for People with High Blood Pressure

Frequent exercise is the easiest way to lower blood pressure and eliminate health risks associated with it. However if you have high blood pressure you must take care not to over achieve your workout goals as it is important for you to first neutralise the threat of high blood pressure. You must understand the needs of your body and work on it accordingly. It is more important to be regular than to be intensive while working out.


Exercising is extremely important to stay fit and also keep your blood pressure under control. It results in lower risk of heart attack, lesser strain on heart, reduction of bad cholesterol. It also helps in losing weight and building muscle mass. It also improves blood circulation thereby not letting blood clots form. Therefore you can avoid major health hazards through a properly planned workout routine.


Consult a doctor

Before you plan a workout regime make sure you consult your doctor to find out how much exercise is alright for your body. You must be aware of how long you can exercise, which exercises you must avoid, etc. Also ask what medication you are allowed during that period. Take regular pulse if your doctor suggests so. An ECG test run may indicate how much physical activity is harmless and adequate for you.

How to exercise

You must not overdo exercises at once. You can start with a thirty minute routine for 3-5 days a week, provided your medical conditions permit. It is not necessary to complete thirty minutes in one go, you can break it up into 2 3 time slots of 10 15 minutes each. You can also take a walk rather than exercise sometimes. Make sure you allow yourself a cooling period after a workout. Also choose activities you are fond of so that you stick to your regime. The activities could also include biking and swimming.

What exercises should be done

There are three basic types of exercises which include stretching, aerobic exercises and muscle strengthening exercises. Stretching prepares your muscles for a workout and it is important so that your muscles don’t over stress at once. Aerobic exercises include various forms of physical activity like bicycling, skiing, skating etc. Strengthening muscles include repeated contractions of muscles.

What exercises must be avoided

Strenuous activities should be avoided as they may hazardous to you in such medical condition. Exercises involving standing up quickly or chest pains etc should be avoided. Also it is advisable not to lift heavy weights or to do press ups.


Generally exercise is said to be effective if it increases your heart rate. However in the case of a high blood pressure you must take care to avoid putting too much strain on your heart. You can do this by doing a proper warm up to build pace before beginning with the workout and ending with slow exercises to allow your body to cool down. Rate of Perceived Exertion (RPE) and talk test could help you measure the effectiveness of your workout.

Weight training

Though extensive weight training can be hazardous to your health condition, it is beneficial to lift light weights. It enhances the metabolism of your body. Therefore for every pound of muscle you increase, you burn additional calories making your workout more effective. However you must be careful not to overdo it or lift heavy weights. Work on muscle groups like chest muscles, biceps, triceps etc.


You can keep your blood pressure under control by indulging in your favourite sports. This would make your workout more appealing and you won’t be tempted to skip it. Football has been found to be very effective for blood pressure patients. Not only it helps in normalising blood pressure levels but at the same time it reduces the risk of a stroke as well. Other sports like cycling have also proved to be very effective.

Listen to your body

You must be aware of your physical capacity especially during the initial period. Overdoing workout can prove more harmful than good. Learn to perceive your comfort level and plan your exercises accordingly.


Excess consumption of alcohol can prove to be harmful to your body. More than two beverages in a day can be a cause of concern. Also do not drink on an empty stomach. Make sure you eat along with an alcoholic beverage to ensure that you drink less. Tomato juice is beneficial for high blood pressure patients, so you can have a cocktail with tomato juice.

Things You Should Tell Your Personal Trainer about Yourself

A Personal Fitness trainer Sydney is a professional whose job is to prescribe exercise routines and instructions to clients on how to adopt a healthier lifestyle. Your relationship with your personal trainer can be extremely rewarding if it is based on mutual trust and transparency. To get the maximum benefits out of personal training you need to ask intelligent questions to your trainer and reveal important information about yourself.

Remember, only if your trainer is aware has the required information about you, will he be able to design a customized training schedule for you. The information you give out about yourself will ultimately determine how fast and how well you realize your fitness goals.

Your first training session

The first training session is the most important one and sets the pace for the future sessions. You should tell your personal trainer in Sydney about your medical history including any operations you might have undergone, allergies you suffer from or any medications you take.

Be mentally prepared to step on the scale, have your body fat percentage assessed, your health history judged and divulge details about your eating and drinking habits. Even if you find it embarrassing to tell your fitness trainer Sydney about some details like the amount of junk you consume and the lack of exercise in your life, go on and tell him the whole truth.

Your trainer will develop your training chart based on the information collected and also give you some fitness goals. Share with him your ideas about fitness.

What you want to achieve by your training sessions is something you need to think hard about and then communicate clearly to your trainer. Based on your BMI (body mass index), your trainer will give you an estimate of how much weight you need to lose to be in good shape.

Different people have different weight loss patterns. If you have experimented with diets before and have a rough idea of which kinds of diets work best with you, tell your trainer about it. Personal training Eastern Suburbs has a holistic approach towards fitness.

Tell the whole truth

If your trainer gives you a set of exercises to follow along with a diet chart, you should try your best to adhere to both. In case you are prone to a little cheating, don’t hide the fact. For example if you are on a low carb diet and you had double cheese pizza last night don’t lie and say that you were surviving on salads. It’s not a crime and almost everybody slips once in a while.

However the total number of calories you need to burn automatically increases and your trainer can suggest you a simple way of burning them like an extra 15 minutes on the treadmill. The same theory holds true for exercise. If you are supposed to go to the gym 4 days a week but only manage 2 days, give your fitness instructor Sydney the real picture. He might change your exercise chart to include exercises which appeal to you more.

For example if you love biking or swimming, you will automatically feel motivated to do those activities. If you give your trainer these inputs he will be able to help you better.

On the other hand if you withhold information your trainer will not get the true picture and will not be able to understand why you are not achieving your fitness goals.

Personal training in Sydney is done with the purpose of job helping you and not judging you. The greatest reward for any good Sydney fitness trainer is the satisfaction he derives on seeing you achieve your fitness goals.

Report any change

If you have developed a lingering back ache while doing a particular exercise, let your doctor and your trainer know. Do not go on practicing the same set of exercises based on only your own judgment or you might run the risk of severe damage to your body.

If you are continuously feeling lethargic or weak when you are on your new diet you should discuss this with your personal trainer in Sydney. All kinds of diets do not suit everybody and only a professionally trained fitness expert who has knowledge about nutritionary sciences can help you.

Your family life, your understanding of nutrition, your preferred food habits are all vital information for Sydney personal trainers. Remember transparency and trust is the cornerstones of relationship between you and your fitness instructor in Sydney.