A Personal Fitness trainer Sydney is a professional whose job is to prescribe exercise routines and instructions to clients on how to adopt a healthier lifestyle. Your relationship with your personal trainer can be extremely rewarding if it is based on mutual trust and transparency. To get the maximum benefits out of personal training you need to ask intelligent questions to your trainer and reveal important information about yourself.

Remember, only if your trainer is aware has the required information about you, will he be able to design a customized training schedule for you. The information you give out about yourself will ultimately determine how fast and how well you realize your fitness goals.

Your first training session

The first training session is the most important one and sets the pace for the future sessions. You should tell your personal trainer in Sydney about your medical history including any operations you might have undergone, allergies you suffer from or any medications you take.

Be mentally prepared to step on the scale, have your body fat percentage assessed, your health history judged and divulge details about your eating and drinking habits. Even if you find it embarrassing to tell your fitness trainer Sydney about some details like the amount of junk you consume and the lack of exercise in your life, go on and tell him the whole truth.

Your trainer will develop your training chart based on the information collected and also give you some fitness goals. Share with him your ideas about fitness.

What you want to achieve by your training sessions is something you need to think hard about and then communicate clearly to your trainer. Based on your BMI (body mass index), your trainer will give you an estimate of how much weight you need to lose to be in good shape.

Different people have different weight loss patterns. If you have experimented with diets before and have a rough idea of which kinds of diets work best with you, tell your trainer about it. Personal training Eastern Suburbs has a holistic approach towards fitness.

Tell the whole truth

If your trainer gives you a set of exercises to follow along with a diet chart, you should try your best to adhere to both. In case you are prone to a little cheating, don’t hide the fact. For example if you are on a low carb diet and you had double cheese pizza last night don’t lie and say that you were surviving on salads. It’s not a crime and almost everybody slips once in a while.

However the total number of calories you need to burn automatically increases and your trainer can suggest you a simple way of burning them like an extra 15 minutes on the treadmill. The same theory holds true for exercise. If you are supposed to go to the gym 4 days a week but only manage 2 days, give your fitness instructor Sydney the real picture. He might change your exercise chart to include exercises which appeal to you more.

For example if you love biking or swimming, you will automatically feel motivated to do those activities. If you give your trainer these inputs he will be able to help you better.

On the other hand if you withhold information your trainer will not get the true picture and will not be able to understand why you are not achieving your fitness goals.

Personal training in Sydney is done with the purpose of job helping you and not judging you. The greatest reward for any good Sydney fitness trainer is the satisfaction he derives on seeing you achieve your fitness goals.

Report any change

If you have developed a lingering back ache while doing a particular exercise, let your doctor and your trainer know. Do not go on practicing the same set of exercises based on only your own judgment or you might run the risk of severe damage to your body.

If you are continuously feeling lethargic or weak when you are on your new diet you should discuss this with your personal trainer in Sydney. All kinds of diets do not suit everybody and only a professionally trained fitness expert who has knowledge about nutritionary sciences can help you.

Your family life, your understanding of nutrition, your preferred food habits are all vital information for Sydney personal trainers. Remember transparency and trust is the cornerstones of relationship between you and your fitness instructor in Sydney.