Non-Product Based Treatment for Acne

Yes, you read that right – it’s not all the time that you must spend money to treat acne. There are lots of ways to effective treat acne without buying the next hyped up acne product. Many people have successfully solved their acne problem without buying expensive acne treatment solutions. These non-product solutions and ways work for lots of people. This article lists just 2 of these ways.

Improved diet – Dating is hard when you suffer from acne; making new friends is certainly a major pain in the neck. But dieting isn’t only always about losing weight because it can also be employed in the treatment and/or prevention of acne. Lowering the amount of fat in your diet can reduce the amount of oil or sebum secreted by your pores, reducing the formation of acne inflamed patches on your skin. While you embark on any number of treatments, you may not forget this and let us go together.

Exercise – There it goes again! Is it possible – can anyone go any length in discussing diseases and their treatment without even mentioning exercise? The answer is perhaps yes, but not this time. Exercise forces you to sweat, burn calories, speed up your metabolism and expel dirt and sweat through the pores of your skin. The end result of this is that the acnes you already have are able to heal faster, and others cannot be formed with as much ease.

Finally, you can get to other treatments you might want to explore. By themselves, the abovementioned approaches will cure the average sufferer of acne, but when the condition is more severe, other simple interventions like herbs and natural oils, such as melaleuca or tea tree oil can be used to great results to help treat and cure acne naturally… and affordably too.


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